Houston Texans Cheerleaders share beauty secrets


Heavenly hair, meticulous makeup and sensational skin. Week after week, the Texans Cheerleaders are football-field ready, but their biggest opponent is Houston's heat and humidity.

What's the secret to fighting flat hair? They tease it. A lot.

They also suggest two products: Aveda Control Force hairspray and Kevin Murphy Damage Manager, a heat protector.

"[Kevin Murphy Damage Manager] will protect up to 450 degrees," said Tristian Davis, Texans Cheerleader hair stylist. "At 451, the hair is going to melt anyways."

When it comes to makeup, three hours of dancing and sweating can take a toll, but Texans makeup artist Chelsea Teran says there are secrets to a long-lasting flawless face.

"You need to have a good concealer and then foundation and powder," she said. "A lot of people don't do those combinations and that's what really keeps your skin looking flawless throughout the day."

They also suggest using Fix It spray by MAC Costmetics after applying foundation.

"Let it dry for a second, powder and that makeup isn't going anywhere," Texans Cheerleader Director Alto Gary said.

And how about that glowing skin? The cheerleaders swear by two inexpensive drug store products: Aveda cream and Sally HansonAirbrush Legs spray.

And here's another secret. Their legs may look flawless, but they're actually wearing a special kind of pantyhose.

"You have to get the sheer to waist because there is some pantyhose that say sheer to waist but you still see the little line at the top of the thigh," Gary said. "We get ours from prolegs.com."

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