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What is HLRS?

HLRS is a nonprofit organization that refers the public to a lawyer in good standing with the State Bar of Texas and must meet strict guidelines and criteria. HLRS has over 200 attorneys that can accept cases from 38 different legal categories, and they all provide an initial 30-minute office consultation for a fee of $20.

What Happens When I Call HLRS?

A trained staff member will help determine the nature of your problem. Many times people think that they need a lawyer, when all they really need is to speak to a community or governmental agency. If your problem does require the services of an attorney, the HLRS staff member can make a referral based on the type of legal problem and a preference for an attorney in a specific geographic location.

What Guidelines Do HLRS Attorneys Have to Meet?

HLRS attorneys must be in good standing with the State Bar of Texas, have professional liability insurance and complete an extensive application and interview before being able to join HLRS. In addition, to receive referrals in 23 of the 38 legal categories, lawyers must have at least 5 years' experience; submit a separate application listing their experience and CLE hours to a committee for approval.

Why Should I Call HLRS?

The Houston Lawyer Referral Service is a non-profit public service organization established in 1958 and is sponsored by nine local bar associations, including the Houston Bar Association and is certified by the State Bar of Texas. HLRS is the only referral service in Houston that meets the standards of the American Bar Association. Last year HLRS referred over 15,000 people to a quality attorney.

How Do I Contact HLRS?

Call 713-237-9429 or request a referral online at hlrs.org.

Additional services provided by the HLRS are Spanish-speaking attorneys and staff, reduced-fee attorneys for income eligible individuals, and a 24-hour attorney on call.

The HLRS serves Harris, Montgomery, Fort Bend, Brazoria and Galveston counties. To receive assistance, call the HLRS office from 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday at 713-237-9429 or visit hlrs.org.

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