Water main break floods NE Houston neighborhood


It was around yesterday morning when Chuck Colston first noticed the water main break near his home on Snowden near Haddick.

Colston said he called 311 at 6:30am yesterday and then called at least two more times. By midnight, his yard was flooded.

When our crews arrived in the neighborhood, the water had flooded two yards and was only a few inches from Colston's house.

Colston told us five people live in his home, including a relative who cannot leave the house without crutches.

He initially talked to us across the small river that had become his yard, but he crossed the water to tell us he felt the city was intentionally ignoring his family.

"It seems like the city just don't care," Colston said. 'And nobody seems to care. I guess it's because we're in this poor neighborhood that nobody wants to just reach out and help and I don't understand. We're taxpayers."

A City of Houston Public Works crew managed to get the flooding under control overnight. The water started to recede around 5am.

Residents tell us they wish the problem had been dealt with sooner and hope it didn't cause any damage to their homes' foundations.

Residents also say they want the city to do maintenance work on the ditches in front of their homes to improve drainage.

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