HPD: Driver high on PCP slams into car, killing two


From the broken water line to the damaged light poles and phone booth, there is a lot of evidence that something violent happened just outside a southwest Houston gas station.

Police say the man who caused it was Theodore Hargrove, 33, whose blood test revealed was high on the drug PCP when he ran a red light on the Southwest Freeway feeder road at Kirby, and ran into another car waiting to leave the parking lot.

HPD Sgt. S. Sorge said, "He side-impacted the vehicle at a high rate of speed. Two occupants inside the vehicle died on the scene.

Hargrove will go before a judge at the criminal courthouse on charges that he killed the couple. But it's not the first time Hargrove has been in trouble. He has a long criminal history, beginning with a robbery charge when he was 18. Three years later he was indicted twice for murder. Those charges were dismissed.

But Hargrove served time behind bars for evading arrest, drugs, and driving with a suspended license. He was due in court again in just two weeks for allegedly running from a METRO police officer in January of this year. He was out on bond when the double fatality happened.

"It's the worst kind of situation," Sgt. Sorge said. "You know, just over here trying to make some purchases at the gas station, and their lives were tragically ended so quickly."

The medical examiner's office tells me they have identified the two victims as Ricardo Quinton and Meagan Jones. There is no cause of death listed on either victim at this point.

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