Rash of burglaries, theft in one north Harris County neighborhood


There have been nearly two dozen homes broken into in just the past month in the Northridge Park area, nestled between I-45 and the Hardy Toll Road near Bush Intercontinental Airport.

In this neighborhood, people work hard and generally feel safe, especially with patrol unit cars parked in driveways.

"Sheriff stays there, HPD officer stays there," said one neighbor.

But lately, that's changed.

"It was just a surreal feeling to come into your house knowing someone had rummaged through there," said crime victim Greg Okuhara.

Last week, Okuhara came home from work to find someone kicked open his front door, ransacked his bedroom and stole his stuff.

"Some computers, Xbox gaming system, golf clubs and some hockey jerseys," said Okuhara.

According to the Harris County Sheriff's Office crime report, he is not alone. In the last 30 days, there have been 22 home burglaries within the 77073 zip code.

"I didn't think it was that high, but I knew it was pretty, pretty bad," said neighbor Roy Jackson. "Then when I saw it was kicked in a couple doors from my house I figured yes; that's why I'm checking on my stuff right now."

Forcing folks like Jackson to leave work twice a day, just to check on his house. It's a luxury most here can't afford, but Jackson's neighbors have peace of mind knowing someone is looking out for them.

"When your sense of security is violated like that, it's unfortunate," said Okuhara.

Besides the burglaries, there have been 32 thefts from cars in the last month.

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