Craziest excuses for calling in sick


Some of the strangest excuses include:

  • My dog is having a nervous breakdown.
  • My toe is stuck in a faucet.
  • I'm having my dead grandmother dug up for a police investigation.
  • I was upset after watching 'The Hunger Games.'
  • Those are just some that were listed in a new survey from HR firm Career Builder. The company says 30 percent of workers over the past year called in sick even when they were not. Sixteen percent of workers have used sick days for catching up on sleep and more than 30 percent used the days simply because they didn't want to go to work.

    One out of three bosses now say they check up on their employees to make sure they're have a legitimate excuse when they call in.

    Check out the rest of the excuses listed in the survey.

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