Homeowner shoots at two alleged burglary suspects in east Houston


A homeowner says it all started when he heard two men trying to break into his home on Valencia. He was armed and ready after spotting the suspects on surveillance cameras.

His son says he was trying to protect his home and himself.

"They assumed no one was home. My dad was inside," said the victim's son, Henry Meza.

It was just after 11am Wednesday when Meza said his father was awakened by a doorbell.

"I guess because there was no cars in the driveway, they came, rang the doorbell," Meza said.

So Houston police say he checked surveillance monitors inside the family's home and saw two men on his doorstep. But when the homeowner didn't answer the door...

"They went around the back and tried to get in through the back window," said Meza.

That's when police say Meza's father pulled out a .40 caliber Glock handgun and with one suspect halfway inside his home, he aimed.

"Then I heard a couple of pops," said a neighbor.

"My dad waited for him because he knew he was trying to get in, shot him," Meza explained.

Police say Meza's father fired four shots, hitting the suspect twice, at least once in the shoulder, But authorities say he and his partner in crime were able to run away.

Police say the wounded suspect was somehow able to get a ride to the nearby East Houston Medical Center where he was later arrested. Meza says he's grateful and hopes the crooks have learned a lesson

"I was scared. I thought my dad got shot," he told us. "It was the right thing to do. If not, they would have robbed our house."

The second suspect is still on the loose. Police are still searching for him. They detained one man during the search, but he was released.

The wounded suspect is out of the hospital and in jail.

No word yet on any charges.

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