TSU band members accused of hazing have been suspended and their scholarships revoked


The entire band was suspended from performing last month after accusations of "excessive paddling" among the trumpet players. None of the students were seriously hurt but the university has strict rules about hazing.

On Tuesday, a university task force announced that students who participated in the hazing will be immediately suspended from the university and kicked out of the band permanently with their scholarships revoked.

The students can appeal their punishments.

However, there is some good news. The university has lifted the suspensions for the remaining 180 or so members of the Ocean of Soul. This means they will be able to perform again this semester, but their remaining performances will be reduced and closely monitored.

TSU has canceled performances at a Thanksgiving Day parade and has removed itself from the competition for the Battle of the Bands in Atlanta.

The remaining band members also have to perform community service. This includes anti-hazing workshops at local high schools and community events.

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