Two arrested after another crime on UH campus


Police are searching for a man who robbed a store on campus and is believed to be responsible for at least two carjackings. All of this comes just after UH beefed up security because of numerous robberies in recent weeks.

The police department is quick to point out that they don't believe this robbery is linked to any of the previous robberies. They have arrested two people, but the main person of interest remains on the loose.

At the convenience attached to the student dorms called Calhoun Lofts, it was business as usual by Monday afternoon, with no signs of an armed robbery that took place around 9:15am.

UH Police Chief Ceaser Moore said, "We don't know if he was armed or not, nobody ever saw a weapon. He had his hand in his pocket, protruding as if there was a weapon, but no one ever saw a weapon."

Investigators say the suspect got away with about $250, but they say it all began even earlier around 7am in La Marque, where a Ford F-150 was allegedly car jacked.

"We believe we know who that person is, but we are working with La Marque because they are the initiating agency," Moore said.

La Marque police named Terrance Anderson as a person of interest in the carjacking. UH police would only say they have a good idea who he is, because they were able to arrest two other suspects related to the robbery. Though the third one remains on the loose -- a fact that worries some students.

"That usually doesn't happen on this side of campus, so that's kind of scary," said student Willie Nwanguma. "I'm usually over here and I kind of stay in this area because it's a lot safer than over there. The fact that something happened over here is kind of scary."

No charges have been filed against the two people who are under arrest. But Anderson, the third person of interest, is wanted for at least two other carjackings that happened in late September, according to La Marque police.

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