New Facebook rules could affect bargain hunters


If you "like" a business on Facebook, you get to see deals and money-saving offers each time they are posted. At least that's how it used to be.

It was a great way to get coupons or deals, but now those offers may become few and far between.

Changes made to the site require that those businesses now pay to get discounts to appear in their fans' newsfeed.

Blogger Paul Ivanovsky writes the I Heart The Mart blog. More than 64,000 people have liked the blog's Facebook page.

"I Heart The Mart is the largest Walmart-only deal and saving site in the country," he said.

Each time Paul posted coupons or money-saving links to Facebook, all of those 64,000 people would see the information.

But after a recent Facebook update, that has changed.

"It has absolutely decreased dramatically," Paul said. "For example, I posted something about 25 minutes ago and I have 64,000 Facebook fans and at that point only 676 people had seen it."

The bloggers we spoke to said they started seeing the impact back in August.

Paul can get his posts on all his Facebook friends' pages if he chooses, but it will come at a cost.

"For me, each post -- and I post between 10 to 12 posts a day -- would cost me $300 for each post," he said.

For Facebook fans, if businesses do not pay to have deals posted, they may not see them at all.

Why is Facebook doing this?

The company told us "the goal of this update is that people will see offers of greater quality and relevance in their feeds."

"The Facebook drop has been tremendous," blogger Tiffany Ivanovsky said.

Tiffany writes the My Litter blog, which typically includes coupons and advice on how to save money.

Tiffany says if her Facebook fans want to see daily deals, the fans must now visit her page daily to see them.

"They are going to have to take the initiative to go in and find and type in directly those pages they want to see now," she said.

Bottom line, if you follow a business or website on Facebook specifically for deals and coupons, check out the company pages yourself if you stop seeing those deals.

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