Photos and GPS info presented in ex-cop rape trial


Former Houston Police Officer Abraham Joseph is accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a park while he was on duty. On Friday a criminal investigator gave a timeline of where Officer Joseph went the night of January 2, 2011.

According to his car's GPS, the car left a Chevron gas station at 2:52am. At 2:55, the car arrived at Townwood Park and parked near a running track. The car was there for 10 minutes and and at 3:07, the car arrived at a Valero gas station.

The investigator noted that Joseph never told dispatch he had picked up anybody.

He said, "Since I've been on the department for 28 years, it's always been grilled into me, that you get a time check when you have a female in custody. It's to protect the officer against allegations of wrongdoing."

On Friday the jury also saw photos of bruises on the alleged victim's arm and hand. The pictures were taken after the alleged assault.

But it's what jurors haven't seen that's perhaps most dramatic. Prosecutors claim there are several additional women ready to take the stand and tell the jury Joseph raped them. The judge will rule on whether to allow jurors to hear their testimony.

"His uniform is the main criteria of whether the judge will allow that evidence in," said KTRK legal analyst Joel Androphy. "It has to fit the mold of the case. If it starts being too dissimilar, it's too prejudicial.

Androphy says this testimony may be the judge's most important decision of the trial.

"This is devastating testimony," he said. "If this comes in, he's toast."

The decision on whether to allow that testimony is expected on Monday.

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