HCSO: Man shot to death after apparent road rage incident


The deadly encounter began as a simple fender bender accident on FM 1960 near Perry Road. What happened next depends on who you ask.

There were two vehicles, two drivers; both on their way to work Monday morning. But now only one only is alive to tell her story.

One man hopes to fill in some of the blanks.

"He was taking his last breaths when I got there," said the witness. "I didn't see any threat. I didn't hear any threat."

He's a married father of two who asked that we not use his name. Around 7am, he was getting gas at the station when a bullet caught his attention.

"It ricocheted off the car came towards me and whizzed right by me," said the witness.

He says he was 15 feet from where the man in his early 20s was shot to death. According to Harris County homicide investigators, a minor accident spilled over into the gas station parking lot.

The 23-year-old woman behind the wheel of a silver sedan told them the young man walked up to her car and was yelling and beating on her window. He grabbed for her door and she grabbed her gun and fired.

Leticia Quinones is her attorney

"It was at that point that she feared for her life where she felt like she was in fear of serious bodily injury," said Quinones. "It was imminent of death and she defended herself."

"I was trying to see if I could find a pulse," said the witness.

Despite his efforts, the young man died. Only later did he hear the shooter's version.

"If he would have been banging on the window and yelling, I would have heard it because it was right there," he said. "Nothing drew my attention. Nothing drew my attention and I was 15-20 feet from there. What drew my was the gunshot."

He gave his account to investigators and wants the public to hear it, too.

"I just want to make sure I do everything in my power to make sure it's fair," he said. "I just care about it being fair."

There was a passenger in the victim's pickup, who also gave a statement to detectives. The victim hasn't yet been identified. We didn't identify the shooter, a young mother, because she's not been charged. Her attorney says she does have her concealed handgun license and is traumatized by the day's events.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office has already said there's enough gray area in the case that they're going to leave it up to a grand jury whether or not the woman is charged.

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