Neighbor foils attempted home burglary in north Harris Co.


Investigators picked up the suspected burglars outside a north Harris County home late Tuesday afternoon. But it appears they weren't after high-dollar electronics or jewelry.

It seemed these accused burglars were ready to take anything and that includes paper products and cake. They drove into the Imperial Place subdivision in their own car, but all but one of them left in handcuffs.

Shunna Milton left her home Tuesday morning much differently than how she found it Tuesday afternoon. Her bedroom, her living room -- all of it was a mess.

"It's very unnerving, uncomfortable. I feel really violated," Milton said.

It was all the result of a break-in, though the accused burglars didn't get far.

"This is a classic example of how citizens help patrolmen on the beat," Harris Co. Pct. 4 Constable's Office Lt. David Escobar said.

Brandy Mason was that citizen Tuesday. She saw a car in the driveway next door and knew it didn't belong.

"They were at work. I'm pretty sure they were at work, and the next door neighbors," Mason said.

Mason called 911, and Harris County Precinct 4 deputies were there so quickly, they say, they caught two women and a man in the act, while one managed to run off.

The suspects broke a back window to get inside and Milton believes they started stacking loot by the front door to eventually cart off. There was the printer, clothes, an eight-pack of paper towels and even two half-eaten cakes.

"If it was a whole cake, then I'd say OK, but they both were half-eaten," Milton said.

Milton can laugh about it now since the attempt wasn't successful and no one was hurt. But this is the second time she's been through this.

"We're trying to figure out what is the attraction," she said.

The first burglary was last May. The crooks took jewelry cash and electronics. Milton added extra locks and met her neighbors, which proved invaluable Tuesday.

"I am thankful that they got up and called," she said.

"We need good neighbors like this to keep us safe," Escobar said.

This story is just one reason why officers encourage neighbors to know each other.

The suspects who were arrested now face felony charges of burglary of a habitation.

As for the fourth suspect, deputies say they know his identity because it was his car that was parked in the driveway.

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