Gadgets to make homework less work


Remember notebooks? They may become a thing of the past thanks to just one of the gadgets college and high school students can use to make school work less work.

"Gadget Nation" author Steve Greenberg said, "Notebooks? Forget about it. This is the way to go."

Greenberg is talking about the Boogie Board Rip.

"You can write 200 separate pages. It has a memory for all of them," he explained.

As it eliminates the need for paper, University of Houston junior, Okechi Nwabara says it's a must have.

Nwabara said, "This makes things so much easier. You don't have to worry about. I take notes in class and have to type them up. All of a sudden, you take notes in class, upload them to your computer."

You can also transfer notes to your mobile device, making it easier to study from anywhere. Next on Greenberg's list...

"HP's Photo Smart 6520-E, All-in-1 wireless printer. It's a mouthful, but it really does a whole lot," he said.

What makes it unique, you can download apps on it, so you can print more than the usual.

"A calendar. You can actually print your own loose leaf paper. Or graph paper which is pretty amazing," Greenberg said.

For students like Zaria Payne, this is a life saver.

"I can imagine those days scrambling for paper, even in high school, I was like oh my god, I don't have any paper, where am I going to get it from? And that just tops it off," Payne said.

When it comes to cleaning and organizing...

"It's the worlds more powerful, handheld, cordless vac," Greenberg explained.

The new Digital Slim by Dyson is pricey though. It retails for $399. It hits the market in a few weeks, but we got a sneak peak.

"It's designed with all these different attachments," Greenberg said. "So it can act like an upright, act like a handheld. Great for the car, great for the dorm room."

It makes the grade with our college crew.

"I think this is incredible," Nwabara said.


Boogie Board LCD eWriters --are the paperless, electronic alternative to memo pads, note books, sketch books, sticky notes, and dry erase boards. Write memos, take notes, leave messages, create To Do lists, draw pictures, jot down ideas, make quick calculations, play games, practice handwriting/math – even diagram the winning play. Almost anything you can do with paper and pen, you can do with a Boogie Board eWriter. And they last a long time. Just one Boogie Board eWriter can be erased over 50,000 times. That's at least 20 erases a day for seven years. Great for student of all ages, even those in preschool. This product has an all plastic construction including the LCD, so parents don't need to worry about the screen shattering. The Boogie Board Rip has a 9.5 inch screen and can save up to 200 pages until those pages must then be uploaded as PDF files to a PC/Mac. The models such as the original Boogie Board 8.5 eWriter without memory start at $29.99. For more information go to

PocketFinder GPS Personal Locator-- is a perfect way to keep an eye on your kids. PocketFinder uses GPS and cellular wireless technology to locate and track children, teen drivers, seniors, pets and other loved ones from almost anywhere on any web-enabled device or computer. Small, lightweight, rugged, and waterproof, the GPS tracker is easy to use and provides peace of mind for parents, seniors and care givers. Locate your child at the touch of a button. PocketFinder lets you create customizable zones around home and school and receive alerts via email, SMS & push notification. The PocketFinder is a free smartphone app and is available through Apple Retail, Apple Online or The cost is $149.95 (includes 2 free months of service, after that it's $12.95/mo) and if you want more information visit

MyForce – is the mobile bodyguard that protects users with one touch sent from any smartphone. It's the first app that connects a user with a dedicated safety escort to help them when they're in danger. It acts like a panic button on the screen of a phone that you can press when you feel concerned for your safety. The safety escort will connect a user with emergency response services, even if you're unable to fully describe your needs or situation, track and follow up with your situation until it's determined you're out of danger. It was inspired by the blue light safety system seen on many college campuses, but the great thing about MyForce is that it's available on the one device that's never out of ANYONE'S reach - a cell phone. MyForce is available for a yearly ($119.99) or monthly ($11.99) fee and all users who register online receive the first 30 days of service at no cost. With the promo code, STEVETV, viewers can receive an annual subscription of MyForce for $99.99. To register, visit

Belkin's AC1200 DB Wi-Fi Dual-Band AC+ Gigabit Router takes your home's Wi-Fi to a new level. It features Broadcom's 802.11ac chip technology for speeds up to three times faster than existing 802.11n technology, providing enhanced reliability, greater speeds and enhanced streaming capabilities. The AC router provides gigabit speeds wirelessly to extend network range and provide more reliable coverage at greater distances. A centerpiece to any advanced home technology ecosystem, Belkin's powerful AC routers make it possible to stream more content to multiple devices virtually anywhere in the home. Ideal for smartphones and tablets, AC technology enables faster web downloads and file syncing with less drainage on battery life. The AC1200 router is available for $199.99 online at and and in-store at Best Buy and other select retailers.

HP Photosmart 6520 eAll-in-One Printer—just released this month, this new e-All-in-One printer is just as able to print homework assignments as lab-quality photos. It features a vibrant touchscreen, automatic two-sided printing, web connectivity and HP ePrint technology. HP ePrint technology enables you to print a photo or document directly from any web connected device – such as your tablet, smart phone or laptop – from virtually anywhere, through the simplicity of email. With built in apps you can print your own notebook paper, graph paper, even coloring pages. With HP Scheduled Delivery Print Apps busy families can choose the content they need most – news, weather, puzzles and more – and have it automatically pushed to their printer on a designated time each day or week, making it easier to manage the morning routine and get the family out the door. The HP Photosmart e-All-in-One is priced at $149 and available at and select retailers

The New Dyson Digital Slim™ (DC44) –being launched next month, the Dyson Digital Slim is the most powerful cordless vacuum, with 20 minutes of constant suction. Whether it's a dorm room or the bedroom of a Jr High School student, it's filled with clutter and tough to clean around—this handheld was designed to navigate around clutter--It's powered by the Dyson digital motor – which spins at 100,000 rpm. Lightweight and powerful, it can tackle the toughest quick cleaning jobs. A light aluminum wand allows you to easily reach high, low, and hard-to-reach spaces. Great for cleaning floors, the car – and great for dorms. A motorized cleaner head combines anti-static carbon fiber brushes and stiff nylon bristles to tackle dust and dirt on any surface. The Dyson Digital Slim™ vacuum cleaner will be on sale beginning September 3, 2012 on and most major retailers, and costs $399.

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