Police: Suspect shot in Pearland bank robbery attempt

Pearland police say a bank robbery suspect was shot here Friday afternoon (Miya Shay)

August 17, 2012 2:29:26 PM PDT
As employees and customers of Capital Bank in Pearland went about their business at 1:30 this afternoon, there was a masked man dressed in black, wearing an ammo vest, getting out of a truck. Police believe it was the prelude to an armed robbery.

As soon as the suspected robber in black, said to be equipped with a shotgun, was spotted by someone at the strip center, a 911 call was made. A Pearland Police Department spokesman said two officers were a couple of blocks away from the bank at 8703 W. Broadway when they got the call.

The man was still in the parking lot when the officers confronted him, ordering to put down his weapon. He did not. He was instead shot.

An officer held the man's hand as he lay on the concrete parking lot.

"He didn't say much, he just moaned," said Lt. Onesimo Lopez, who is the department's spokesman.

Lt. Lopez said the man was handcuffed, but because of his injuries, the handcuffs were removed. He didn't say why he did it, according to Lopez, who said the man just said he hurt.

Although the suspect was flown by Life Flight to Memorial Hermann Hospital, we're told his injuries are not life-threatening. He was wounded in the leg.

A weapon was recovered from the scene.

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