Brazosport ISD to allow tattoos, facial hair


How do you feel about teenagers being able to show their tattoos at school?

That's just part of the rules which have been relaxed at Brazosport Independent School District.

With only two weeks before school starts, the dress code is a school topic that already has students buzzing.

"I don't really see a problem with facial hair," ninth grader Evan Briden told us.

"Earring, I think it's OK because some people find it a part of their style," student Chase Dodge said.

"The tattoos, I don't think tattoos should be visible," said junior Landon Burwell.

These Brazosport ISD high school students are talking about their newly revised district dress code that, among other things, now allows seventh through 12th grade male students to wear facial hair, earrings and hair past their shoulders, and female and male students who are in dress code can have visible tattoos.

"I have no problem with the boys' earrings or the boys' hair. I do have a problem with tattoos. I think it's going too far," Liz Cooper said.

"I think it's too lenient. I'm old school, but I think we are losing a bit of control of the youth." Jimmy Palat said.

The district superintendent, Dr. Karin Holacka, says it's not at all about leniency but eliminating distractions that have led to students in violation being temporarily removed from class in the past.

"Our goal is not to create a dress code for the purpose of free expression or the reflection individual values," Holacka said. "Our purpose is to create a dress code that lists those things that truly distract from the learning because we want to maintain our focus on educating our students."

It will be policed o a case-by-case basis. Tattoos can't have gang signs, facial hair must be neat and clean and no excessive body piercings will be allowed.

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