Baby survives head-on collision that killed 2


Investigators are still looking into the cause of this crash. What we know right now is the only person who came out of this accident alive is a one-year-old baby girl.

At 6am on a stretch of FM 2100, Shawn Emery of Cleveland was on his way to work. His wife Sara says the 34-year-old father of three woke up late when his alarm didn't go off. But Emery never made it to work.

"The speed limit here is 50 mph," said Sgt. Susan Cotter with the Harris County Sheriff's Office. "It looks like it could possibly be a factor in the crash."

According to Harris County Sheriff's deputies, Emery's truck crossed over into oncoming traffic. He collided head-on with a Toyota Tundra. Inside the Tundra was Charles Strnadel, IV, and his one-year-old daughter Cadence.

"She was restrained in a child safety seat," Sgt. Cotter said. "She is expected to survive her injuries."

Investigators say Emery wasn't wearing his seatbelt. His wife Sara, will never know why. What she does know, she told me, is that no matter who was at fault here or why, at least two babies lost their daddies today.

Investigators say there was no evidence of alcohol in either truck.

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