Skeletal remains unearthed at construction site


Investigators say the first step since the discovery of these bones is to determine whether they are human or not -- and if they are, continue their investigation from there.

"You hate to think somebody was murdered and dumped over there," nearby resident Marilyn Workman said.

Accidentally stumbled upon by constructions crews, bones that appear to be human were found by workers who are in the process of demolishing a condo building. The discovery has left an uneasy feeling for nearby residents.

"You just don't find human remains, you know, under foundations," Workman said.

According to police, workers here at this site off Memorial, near Detering called police after the discovery. Police say the building that once stood here was built in the late 70's or early 80's.

With workers startled by the findings, police believe foul play was involved. The bones were found between a retaining wall and concrete slab, which make it even more suspicious.

"There is no way anyone could have fallen in there, the guy or the person was possibly buried in there," HPD homicide detective Officer Cardenas said.

Residents living in the area said they've heard rumors about an old cemetery in the area. But investigators say, at this point, they are not connecting today discovery with the possibly of any decades-old final resting place.

"With the way things look, I don't think that's the thing here, I don't think its part of the cemetery," Cardenas said.

Investigators say it wasn't a full skeleton of body found but rather different pieces of bones. Again, they will wait on the medical examiner to determine if the bones are human.

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