Feds hit Rosenberg business in massive drug raid


Included in those raids was a warehouse on Reese Road in Fort Bend County. As part of this nationwide crackdown on the synthetic drug industry, the DEA served 10 search warrants across the Houston area. They seized most from a small warehouse just outside of Rosenberg.

Federal agents seized thousands of packets of synthetic marijuana. They say the drug was not only made but also distributed from here.

The discovery was part of a more than 100-city nationwide DEA crackdown on the designer drug industry -- the first of its kind. From manufacturers to retailers, across the country 90 people were arrested.

"That place in Rosenberg came as to surprise to us," said Thomas Hinojosa with the DEA. "We weren't expecting it."

More than 19 million packets of the drugs were seized -- stuff commonly referred to as incense, bath salts, spice or plant food. Agents also seized over $36 million in cash.

"These synthetic drugs are new," Hinojosa said.

Federal agents say the business near Rosenberg calls itself TKO Unlimited. Inside the warehouse were trash cans full of an alfalfa-barley mix. Pallet and pallet of the controlled substance was brought in from Mexico. There were also various sprays which give the final product its flavor.

Just this month, President Obama signed into law a measure banning many of the chemicals found in these synthetic drugs. Chemists know the exactly chemical makeup of each and try to stay one step ahead of the law.

Hinojosa said, "If a chemist changes a certain component of that product that can make it not illegal."

Attorneys representing those at that warehouse in Rosenberg did not return our repeated calls for comment. There were no arrests in Rosenberg or anywhere in the greater Houston area as part of this operation yet. The DEA says this investigation is still ongoing.

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