Same day delivery ahead for Amazon?


Amazon is not commenting about the potential move, but if the company can offer same day delivery on things you buy, some believe it could be the beginning of the end for some retail stores.

Shareef Hall does not shop online for a very specific reason.

"The time frame of waiting, sometimes it could be three to ten days," he said.

However, Hall says if online retailer Amazon makes same day delivery a reality that will change.

"Oh yeah, that would be awesome," Hall said. "They will probably get most of my money."

The reason some experts believe Amazon is moving to same day delivery can be found in the network of warehouses it is building. Now that Amazon is agreeing to collect state sales taxes, it is investing in infrastructure across the country. Warehouses close to population centers could allow same day delivery and some are convinced it will change retail sales dramatically, but not everyone feels that way.

Betsy Gelb with the University of Houston's Bauer College of Business said, "I don't think it will change things dramatically, but it may change some occasions of buying into I will sit at the computer and not hop to the store."

Gelb says in some cases same day delivery makes a lot of sense.

"Think about an appliance that breaks or a laptop that breaks," she said. "You need a replacement right now."

However Gelb adds it will not spell the end of the corner store.

"The world is full of people who like shopping, and want to see what else is out there, and want to take the shoes along to match it to the dress," Gelb said.

In fact, women we spoke with could not agree more.

Yrayda Silva said, "I am the type of shopper that I need to see it on, or I need to touch it and see the quality. I am not an online shopper at all."

Amazon has not commented on same day delivery. However the company is experimenting with grocery delivery in Seattle. Food is dropped off in less than three hours.

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