Mom, daughter shot during confrontation over loud music


The mom is now back at home, but her 17-year-old daughter remains in the hospital after the shooting early this morning at a small mobile home park off Dell Dale near the East Freeway in east Harris County.

Deputies are searching for a young woman who they believe was behind the shooting. Detectives say this was all the result of an argument over loud music.

Friends of the mother and teenage daughter who were shot right outside of their home describe the mother as a hard-working, single mom.

"Strong, very strong. She was the first woman to work on that pipe yard as far as I know. She was proud of that, sticking to it. Pave her own road I guess you could say," said the victims' friend T.J. Lambert.

He also says her teen daughter generally stays out of trouble.

"She doesn't do the things that other teenagers do. She behaves. She tries to look after her mom," Lambert said.

But the neighbor across the street says trouble came looking for this family at around 1:30am when a loud fight broke out just outside of the victims' house.

"All I heard them say is I'll (expletive) kill you and that's when I called the police," said neighbor Hazel Orozco.

Harris County Sheriff's deputies say the girl who lives here had asked a group of people to turn down their loud music. That's when investigators say a woman pulled out a gun and shot the teenager in the back. Her mother sustained a wound to the side of her face.

Neighbors say fights like this one are commonplace, and they are not surprised that one of them turned violent.

"It's continuous. This isn't the first time and I'm sure it's not going to be the last," Orozco said.

The mother is now at home with her other child -- a 20-year-old daughter -- but the 17-year-old is still at Memorial Hermann Hospital. Her wounds are not life-threatening. Neither of their names have been released.

Deputies are following leads to try to find the shooter. They described the suspect as an Hispanic female wearing glasses driving a black Cadillac.

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