For many residents in the Cypress area, it was a weekend of cleanup


Jeannette Harris says this is the fourth time her house has flooded. Each time, friends have helped her mop dirty floors and throw out ruined furniture. So she called them again Sunday.

"They all came over and we had a good time, didn't we?" she said. "We drank a little. We ate a little and we cleaned up a lot."

Harris says that during previous floods, the water came in slowly, so she was able to move most of her belongings in time. But this time, the flood came quickly and did more damage than usual.

Still watching the water
A Flood Warning for Cypress Creek near Cypress has been extended to late Tuesday. At last check, Cypress Creek near Cypress was at 41.61 feet. Flood stage is 36.7 feet.

Other problem areas include the west fork of the San Jacinto River near Humble, which was at 19.23 feet. Flood stage is 19 feet. And the Luce Bayou near Huffman was at 22.05 feet. Flood stage is 22 feet.

The Harris County Flood Control District is asking residents to report all house flooding by completing a Flood Survey as soon as possible at the Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management's website.

Reporting flooded structures online is vital to assessing areas impacted and the full extent of flood damage, officials said.

Danger in the water
With many bayous around our area full from days of rain, authorities are reminding you it's not safe to be in that water. Firefighters had to help pull a family and two other kids to safety on Cypress Creek Sunday afternoon. Everyone was okay.

Firefighters say all creeks are county property and it's illegal to boat in them. It's especially unsafe at flood stage, because the current is swift and the water could contain raw sewage and snakes.

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