How to extend life of opened wine bottles


After you've opened a bottle of wine, you only have a short window before it goes bad, right? Well, maybe not. We've un-corked three unique tips to help preserve your wine and in the end, save some money.

When it comes to a bottle of wine -- whether it's low end or high end -- once the cork is out, the oxygen comes rushing in.

"Oxygen is what really causes wine to go bad faster," wine expert Noel Burkeen said.

But Burkeen says there are some easy tips that will help preserve your wine by removing that oxygen.

Tip 1: He says invest in an $8 to $12 device.

"This little vacuuming system," Burkeen said.

He says it comes with rubber stoppers and you can find it at most grocery stores.

"That just goes right in the bottle. And now what we are going to do is, vacuum pump the out of the bottle and it's just this simple," he explained. "You know that it's sealed and vacuumed because when you pull this off, that's the sound of freshness."

Burkeen says the device can extend your wine for up to three days.

Tip 2: He says grab a clean, empty water bottle and fill it all the way to the top with the left-over wine.

"What this is doing is it's going to reduce the amount of exposure to oxygen," Burkeen said. "By putting it in a cooler environment, the refrigerator will slow the break down of the chemicals inside of the wine, which will make it last longer as well."

He says this process can give you up to three extra days.

Finally Tip 3: The easiest and cheapest tip of them all. It involves blowing your own carbon dioxide into the wine bottle then corking it immediately.

"So what I'm going to do is inhale and then exhale deeply into the bottle to get the oxygen out," he said. "I know that's the beautiful thing about it. It's very simple, it's very practical and it's very scientific."

Burkeen says that last tip will prolong your wine anywhere from and extra 12 to 20 hours. He recommends using it only if you don't have the vacuum device or even the water bottle.

Burkeen also had some tips on how to make sure your wine hasn't gone bad before you pop the cork.

He says always make sure the cork is level with the top of the bottle. If it is slightly pushed out, chances are the wine may have over-heated during transport and it could be spoiled.

Also, if you've opened the bottle and the cork has streaks of wine along the sides, experts say that is also an indicator that the wine may be spoiled.

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