Where should parents change diapers on planes?


There's an online debate over what's appropriate. Do you change a dirty diaper at your seat, surrounded by other passengers in the cabin? Or do you take your baby into the plane's restroom? But as we know, the restrooms are very compact on airplanes.

Plus, not all airplanes are equipped with special diaper-changing tables in the lavatory, so parents have to get creative.

"As soon as she could stand, we started. I'd have her stand up on the toilet and play with the sink and stuff, and I've have to change her diaper that way," said mom Jessica Herum.

"I wasn't, I never even thought about this until I had my son," said mom Abby Sternberg. "I mean, we just took it for granted that there was going to be a changing table on the flight."

And even when there are changing tables on the plane, parents tell us they're not always safe.

"My big problem with the changing tables are as soon as you reach for that latch -- it goes 'wham!' So she's been clunked on the head so many times by that silly little table coming down," said Herum.

Right now, the FAA has no guidelines or rules on where parents should change their child's diapers on the plane. It's really up to the parents. So keep your changing pads handy for wherever you take care of the little one and remember, you can always ask the flight crew for help.

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