Vietnam War veteran, Agent Orange victim honored in Katy


Henry Salazar received a Certificate of Congressional Recognition for his three tours of duty at a Fourth of July celebration service at Church on the Rock.

This was the first time he has ever been publicly recognized for his military service and sacrifice.

While he was serving in Vietnam in 1969 with the U.S. Navy, Salazar came into contact with the deadly chemical Agent Orange.

After his six years of military service, Salazar lived a productive and contributing life. Then in 2006, Agent Orange symptoms revealed themselves.

Salazar now has very limited mobility, is mostly bed-ridden and has lost his ability to speak.

But that did not stop him from attending Sunday's ceremony.

Salazar's family says this recognition is not only emotional for him, it's also special for them.

"It brings me a lot of joy and happiness to have a father that has done this for us," Salazar's son told us. "It's a lot. It's a lot."

In addition to the congressional recognition, Salazar received personal letters of thanks from two congressmen and a commemorative U.S. flag.

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