Potholes damaging vehicles on Kirby at Bissonnet


"It feels like the car's just going to go 'rumble, rumble, rumble,'" driver Linda Blair said.

Residents are usually happy when city officials decide to fix roads. Despite the current hassle, it usually means there will be easier commutes in the future.

But some Houstonians are not happy with one particular spot under repair, which is costing them in unexpected repairs of their own.

The ones causing a lot of problems these days are at the corner of Kirby and Bissonnet.

"I've absolutely bent a rim where I had to completely replace the rim and the tire," driver Margie Phillips said.

We visited the tire shop closest to the intersection. They tell us they see at least 15 customers a day with blown-out tires or cracked rims because of uneven roads or potholes.

"The terrain of the road isn't very good. There are a lot of potholes and things like that. There's uneven surfaces," said Joe Garcia at Discount Tire. "That's actually what's damaging most of the tires."

Garcia added that the impact is greater on your wheels the faster you drive, so it's better to slow down.

The city repairs about 50,000 potholes a year, and size does matter. The biggest and nastiest are always the first to go. For some drivers, though, these vicious craters can't vanish soon enough.

The city says the roughness at the Kirby/Bissonnet intersection should be finished in about three weeks. Until then, drive slowly through the intersection.

If you live in Houston and want to file a complaint about a pothole or uneven road in your area, dial 311.

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