Volunteers seek support for $1B HISD bond proposal


"We're spread out. We have a team in Southpark, we have a team in Third Ward and some of us are in Sunnyside," Christopher Harvey said.

Aggressively going after signatures, volunteers with the Houston chapter of Stand for Children were hoping to convince their neighbors to sign off and back the bond, which is still in the studying stages at HISD.

"Our goal is to get 1,000 signatures," Harvey said.

The bond proposal, which would raise taxes for residents who live in the district, could mean improvements for local schools.

"Whether they need new campuses, safety upgrades [or] technology upgrades, we really want for that to happen," Harvey said. "I think the kids deserve more with the taxpayers' money," Houston resident Albert Taylor said.

Five years ago, HISD asked for an $800 million bond to help build new schools. It narrowly passed with 51 percent of the vote.

In August, the school board will decide whether to propose a new bond. The board hasn't picked a final number for the deal, but we're told they are considering as high as $1.8 billion.

For one parent who was pounding the pavement, the bond is a must.

"If we don't have the right funding, it's just not going to work for us," parent Zachary Preston said.

If the board proposes the bond, a tax increase could show up on voters' ballots as soon as November.

The volunteers who went door to door on Saturday hope their hard work will make a big difference for students.

"If our kids don't have a good education and they don't have the right tools to have a better life, we are not going to get anywhere," Preston said.

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