Friends: Estranged husband previously threatened veterinarian wife he killed in murder-suicide


Employees we spoke with are devastated by the death of Dr. Karen Gunn, who was a veterinarian here in Spring. They also tell us they have feared for her safety for some time now.

"Dr. Gunn was a loving mother, she was a dedicated vet. This practice was her pride and joy," said Melissa Lemons, nurse at Veterinary Medical Center.

Lemons tells us there's no words to describe the devastation and shock family, friends and co-workers are going through since learning Dr. Gunn was shot and killed by her estranged husband.

"He was a very controlling person, and I believe as the years progressed, he became some what verbally abusive with the children and her," Lemons said.

Dr. Gunn's life was cut short when deputies say her estranged husband, Graham Gunn, killed her and then turned the gun on himself Monday afternoon. The tragic shooting happening in Dr. Gunn's backyard with the couple's two children nearby.

"The kids have been terrified. There's nothing worse than for you to be afraid of your own father," Lemons said.

According to the Montgomery County District Court, Dr. Gunn filed for divorce back in November of last year. The couple's next court date was scheduled for June 4.

Neighbors who live nearby say they knew they were separated, but never imagined things between the two would escalate to this.

"It's just shocking, it's pretty much shocking, never knew this would happen in our neighborhood," said neighbor Pascl Fortin.

But for today, Lemons tell us employees at Veterinary Medical Center are remembering Dr. Gunn for the wonderful person she was.

"That was the thing she was most proud of, in that as a practice owner, she could practice medicine to the degree that she wanted to," Lemons said.

Co-workers tell us Dr. Gunn had a restraining order in place against her estranged husband since filing for divorce back in November.

We're told funeral arrangements have not yet been sorted out as the family has to wait on the autopsies to be completed.

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