Woman accused of abusing and not feeding a 4-year-old boy who lived with her


Shanque Dashuna Harrison, 21, is charged with two counts of injury to a child. Court documents state on May 1 a CPS case worker transported a 4-year-old boy to Texas Children's Hospital because of multiple bruises and a distended stomach.

According to court documents, an examination determined that the boy had multiple bruises to his face, ear, neck and back, abrasions on his neck, two first degree burns to his neck and that he was malnourished. A doctor says the injuries were consistent with abuse.

Police say the boy told interviewers he lives with Harrions, who is his guardian, and that she choked him, punched him and burned him.

CPS says they first received a report on March 21 after the boy was found with a blood nose and bloody lip at school. Court records show the boy said Harrison hit him because he wouldn't put his sweater on fast enough. The case worker says they believe Harrison caused that injury, but Harrison said that the boy hits himself, according to court documents.

After asking the school to monitor the boy, CPS says they received a second report on May 1 where the boy had a black eye and that he was sent to school with makeup on his face in an attempt to cover up the injury. They also say the child was wearing a turtle neck, long-sleeved shirt and sweater to conceal other injuries.

Court documents state the boy told CPS that Harrison would not allow him to eat at home. He also claims Harrison told him he would get in trouble if he told anyone about the abuse.

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