Couple found dead in apparent murder-suicide in Spring area


Investigators are not saying exactly where both bodies were discovered. As the story unfolds, it has saddened many in this typically quiet neighborhood.

The yellow crime tape that circled the home at West Greenvine Court and North Greenvine Circle stunned the entire neighborhood.

"It's really sad," said neighbor Jamie Williams.

Deputies towed the car they say the husband was driving before the shooting. They say he parked down the street and shot his wife around 4:30pm before turning the gun on himself. Neighbors heard noises and called 911.

Investigators say the couple had been separated for months and had filed for divorce.

"Think before we act out of rage," said Williams. "It's real easy to do, but if we can get a minute to step back, nobody really wants to shoot each other, or themselves. Contention is just poison."

Children were in the home at the time and then moved to a safe location once investigators arrived.

"Any death that leaves children behind, obviously that's a tough situation. But we do our jobs," said Det. Dan Zientek with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

"What would it be like to know that your parents did that? It's just tragic," Williams said.

No names have been released yet because of family notification.

An autopsy will be done on both bodies. Deputies will also be checking for any kind of history like a restraining order or previous law enforcement calls.

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