Hit-and-run driver in north Houston suspected of driving drunk


Investigators believe alcohol played a role in the crash and it's serving as a reminder for Houstonians to hand over the keys if they've been drinking this Memorial Day weekend.

Police are looking for the driver of a Mustang. They say after the accident he jumped out of his car and ran off.

This all happened during an impromptu low-rider car show in a shopping center along the freeway at W. Dyna. Drivers were slowing down on the feeder to look at what was going on. Apparently the driver of the Mustang was headed north on the feeder road when he slammed into the back of a minivan that had slowed down.

Police say the impact pushed the minivan into an electrical pole, knocking it down. Then it broke a water pipe.

The driver of the minivan has minor injuries and no one else was hurt. But according to officers who were on the scene, there were beer bottles inside the Mustang. Police say they believe the driver was drunk.

A reminder for anyone on the road this Memorial Day weekend, DPS troopers will increase patrols across the state. Troopers will be looking for drivers who may be speeding, not wearing a seatbelt, or driving drunk. This weekend is a no refusal weekend, meaning suspected drunk drivers will have their blood drawn if they refuse a breath test.

The no refusal policy is also in effect for lakes Conroe and Houston. Police will ticket and arrest boaters suspected of driving drunk on the water. The initiative lasts through tonight.

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