Dress to kill, without spending a fortune


But you can Stretch Your Dolllar and rent a designer dress for a fraction of the retail price.

They are couture fashions that Hollywood stars even Kate Middleton, the duchess of Cambridge, is wearing -- and did I mention the dresses are fresh off the runway, with brand-new shipments every season? Why buy, when you can save money renting them -- at 90 percent off the retail price.

"Designer Issa which was made pretty popular by Princess Kate," explained Houstonian Brittany Sakowitz. "She wore an Issa dress for her engagement party."

But not every designer dress-lover has the royal cash to buy these expensive dresses. So Sakowitz, owner of New for the Night, came up with a way for you to rent the runway look and save big bucks.

"We take designer dresses that normally retail from $400 to $1,200 and we rent them for a fraction of the price," she said. "We try to cater to any special occasion from graduation and prom high school events to maternity, even."

The Westheimer boutique's showroom floor is full of the latest fashions by high-end designers like Tibi, Rebbeca Taylor and Katherine Dean. Check out the rental discounts on formal gowns.

"It's an Issa one shoulder dress, over $1,000 and you can rent it for a little over $100," Sakowitz said.

There are dresses for a night out on the town.

"Halston heritage -- this would normally be about $550 and this is going to be $75 to rent in the store," said Sakowitz.

If that's still too much for your budget, there are cheaper rentals.

"You could normally buy this for $200 to $250 and you'll be able to rent it for $35," Sakowitz explained.

Maybe you have a long weekend, full of events -- you can rent three dresses, one for each night all for under $150. How does it all work? You can either shop at the store, or online and have it shipped for an extra $10.

Sakowitz said, "Select your rental period, which is a three to 10 day rental period. We either ship it out to you or you take it with you if you are in the store. You get a pre-addressed envelope to ship it back."

No need to have it dry-cleaned. Just return it when you're done.

"You can wear that for one night, feel fabulous and return it," she said. "You don't have to worry about dry cleaning, shipping. We take care of all that."

The longer you rent the dress, the higher the price. If you're wondering what happens to all those rented dresses, after every season New for the Night has a big sale and you can buy the dresses at a very deep discount.

Dresses go from size 0 to 12 and include maternity sizes.

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