High-speed chase ends in arrest


The chase started around 3:30am at the Hurricane Club on Dyna near Airline. A man says he left his vehicle running at the club when someone took off in it, so he reported it stolen. When an officer spotted the stolen vehicle, he turned on his lights and tried to pull the truck over. The driver would not pull over and the chase ensued.

The pursuit reached speeds of up to 100 miles an hour. The suspect led police north on 45, exited Main to the service road and was off and on the freeway several times, causing two separate accidents. Officers used spikes north of 242.

The driver continued to travel a long way on two front rims, even sparking a fire in the bushes near the Macaroni Grill at The Woodlands Parkway.

The suspect crashed into a guardrail near The Woodlands Parkway at around 4am. He tried to flee on foot, but was quickly taken into custody.

The suspect told Eyewitness News he was in fear for his life, which is why he didn't stop for police. He told authorities his friend let him borrow the reported stolen vehicle.

The suspect could face a charge of felony evading.

No one was injured during the chase.

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