Four shots fired at HISD bus with kids on board


It happened last month on the frontage road of Highway 59 at Fondren Road in southwest Houston.

Investigators are hoping the public can help identify the shooter. A bullet struck near one of the windows on the bus. The close call left students and parents shaken.

It was a bus ride home Kirkland Jacobs won't forget.

"They were just shooting at us," Jacobs said.

"What was your reaction?" we asked.

"To duck."

Investigators are now releasing video from the bus of what happened with the hopes of catching the person responsible.

"It was kind of scary," Jacobs said.

HISD says the bus left Beechnut Academy with about 26 students on board on March 27. District police say some students on the bus flashed gang signs at someone walking on the street. That person then pulled a gun and fired at the bus on the Southwest Freeway Feeder near Bellaire.

Shavonne Hopper was trying to find her son that day.

"It's sad that children, because it was a group of teenagers right, are walking around like this is the wild, wild west ready to shoot at innocent buses," she said.

She called different bus barns after learning the bus had been involved in some type of incident.

"I'm so grateful that nothing happened to him," Hopper said.

One student had minor cuts from broken glass from a shattered window. The close call left many of the students shaken.

"All I hope is they catch whoever did it and why would you shoot at us if we are already in alternative school?" Beechnut Academy sophomore Michelle Rhodes said. "Maybe if the kids would have been sitting down and doing what they were supposed to, none of that would have happened. If I'd lose my life, my mom would have been crying hard -- anybody could have lost their life but I thank God we didn't."

If you have any information on the bus shooting you are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS. You can remain anonymous and claim up to $5,000 in reward money.

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