Teens accused of killing man for $1


Police say witnesses heard Pedro Miguel Rosales Ramos arguing in the parking lot. At some point, he was fatally shot in the chest. Ramos, 32, was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to Houston police, an investigation led to the identification of four suspects after one of them, a juvenile, was shot in a recent home invasion in Harris County. Information obtained as a result of this incident led investigators to the three additional suspects.

Three of the suspects, Carlos Daniel Fernandez, 18, Micheal Alexander Correa, 17, and Marilyn Ashley Villarreal, 18, are charged with capital murder in the 183rd State District Court. A fourth suspect, a female, 16, will be referred to Harris County Juvenile Probation authorities on a charge of capital murder.

Police say Fernandez has confessed to fatally shooting Ramos. The juvenile has confessed to discharging a shotgun during the robbery, but did not wound anyone. Villarreal has confessed to driving the car used in the robbery. Correa has confessed to being armed during the robbery and to taking a one dollar bill from Ramos.

At least some of the suspects are believed to be responsible for additional robberies and home invasions in Houston and Harris County. Those investigations are continuing.

The investigation also revealed the motive for the robbery was Ramos' cash -- one dollar.

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