Sugar Land Skeeters putting finishing touches on new stadium, Constellation Field


They are putting the final touches here at Constellation Field, home of Sugar Land's new minor league baseball team. And it gives 'Take Me Out To The Ballgame' a new meaning.

We are used to eating peanuts and hot dogs when going to the ballpark, but how about an all-you-can-eat buffet from left field? Or for the kids, a playground that even has a carousel. Or how about with Houston's heat watching the game in a swimming pool or the splash pad.

Those are just some of the options when coming to Constellation Field.

"We like to joke around that we are a circus and a baseball game just happens to take place, too," said Bryan Hodge, Marketing Communications Manager with the Skeeters.

The fan friendly ballpark is also friendly to your pocketbooks, too. Parking is free and kids in youth jerseys also don't have to pay either.

"It's all about the family. Yes, we are going to build a great baseball product, but we want to make sure that the families are having fun," Hodge said.

Part of the charm is also the intimacy of the ballpark. At full capacity, 7,000 fans are up close to the action.

"I think you get more of a family feel here instead of being so big, an ant at the stadium, or something like that," said Skeeters manager Gary Gaetti.

A small, quaint ballpark wouldn't be complete without a massive scoreboard.

"You know, it's Texas; everything is bigger in Texas. What better way to represent it than make it into the shape of Texas." said Hodge.

One of the treasures of going to a minor league game is the promotions. We're told to watch out for the man who lights himself on fire and tries to run around the bases as fast as he can. It all gets started at the Skeeters season opener on April 26.

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