New project kicks off to re-plant trees lost to drought in Memorial Park


Thousands of trees at Memorial Park died and had to be torn down as a result of the drought. Now changes to the landscape and the rain we've had these last few months is helping breathe new life into the park. But there is more work that needs to be done.

Stumps, sticks, and dirt wherever you look in Memorial Park.

"It looks like a war zone. There are hardly any trees and the trees are dead," said jogger Lillian Flores.

The park has lost more than 11,000 trees due to drought and disease. The first part of the plan started back in January when volunteers planted 25,000 trees in local parks. You can see where volunteers have already planted some saplings to replace them.

"I hope eventually they'll all be replaced," said jogger Shelly Sekaly.

Luckily for these runners city officials are unveiling a plan to replant trees and add irrigation systems. They'll focus on running trails, the golf course, and the triangle trail area.

"As long as we keep the trees here so were having some sort of shade with the summer coming up, that's good," said jogger Ashle Payne.

The $7.6 million project will be paid for with private donations.

"In 10 or 15 years, my kids will enjoy it just like I did," said jogger Dr. Bernard Walker.

If you're interested in donating or helping out, you are asked to contact the city.

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