Remington College campuses offering free prom services


Remington College campuses look at their free prom makeovers as a win-win for their college and the high schoolers. Students in the cosmetology department get more training and give back to the community while high school students score free services for their big night.

When it comes to getting dolled up for the prom, it adds up. Manicures cost $15, pedicures are $25, makeup is $45 and an up-do costs about $80. That's a total of $165 -- and that doesn't even include the dress, the rented tux or dinner!

"Times are hard," Remington College director A'Timberly Mapp said.

That's why Mapp says for the third year in a row, all three Remington College campuses in the Houston area are offering complimentary salon services for local high school students headed to the prom.

"We just want to make sure we help out the community in any way that we possible can," Mapp said.

So here are the services the college is offering free of charge: manicures, which typically range from $12 to $20; pedicures, which normally cost anywhere from $18 to $40; makeup application, which typically is a $40 to $85 service and up-dos, which start at $80 and can cost as much as $200.

But at the Remington College, all these services are free to students heading to the prom.

"It allows the people to save a whole lot of money and the extra money can be used in other places such as getting prom dresses or buying accessories, car rentals," Mapp said.

And the free services are not just limited to the girls.

"Guys want to get their hair cut, some guys like their feet done, so we can provide manicure as well as their fingers; they can get manicures also, so we can get those services to both men and female students," Mapp said.

So if you are wondering, what's the catch? There isn't one. No requirements are necessary, just that you are student attending the prom. The makeovers have students really proud to show off their new look.

"You can see the happiness, you can see the light in their faces that they are satisfied, and that is one less thing that they have to worry about -- worrying about whether they are going to look for this special day, because prom only comes once," Mapp said.

Remington College has three Houston area campuses: one of the north side, a central Houston campus and a campus out in Webster. Dates for the free prom salon services vary from college to college, so check online or call to look for a date that works best for you.

Appointments are recommended but walk-ins are welcome. Each college will have extra stations to handle the overflow.

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