Big rig driver dies after slamming into tree


That 95-year-old woman and her grandson were asleep in their home when that truck crashed into their front yard at about 5am.

Alice Wright said, "When I go to sleep at night, I ask the lord to shield me and that's it. I just sleep sound."

Alice sleeps so sound she never heard the 18-wheeler plow into her front yard, hit a tree and stop just short of her home. Her grandson, Latherio Wright, was asleep, too, in the front room.

He said, "I looked outside and I see the 18-wheeler and I came outside and I was just amazed."

Latherio is in awe of all that could have happened, but didn't. Police tell us the driver was headed west on the North Loop early Thursday morning when he suffered some kind of medical episode. The 18-wheeler veered off the highway. The driver somehow avoided other drivers, narrowly missed the Mount Rose Missionary Church and a gas line in the neighborhood.

As for that unshakable tree in the Wright's front yard…

"We just had a tree on the opposite side that had to be cut down because of the drought, so it's amazing that tree actually survived," Latherio explained. "It looks like it did, it survived for a reason."

Sadly, the 64-year-old truck driver did not survive. The Wrights cannot overlook that, but they are still counting their blessings.

"I was thankful to the lord, because I ask him every night shield me from danger, so that's what he did," Alice said. "I'm blessed, I know that."

Police have not released the name of the driver.

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