Authorities taking closer look at death of Victoria boy


The sheriff has answered some questions in Kylar's death, but he says there is still a lot of work to do.

The preliminary results from the medical examiner in Austin say that the boy died from an accidental dog mauling. The boy's body was found Monday off Old Goliad Road in Victoria. He'd first been reported missing Sunday night.

There are some conflicting reports as to how the boy wandered off. Hundreds of searchers joined law enforcement to find him, calling his name but the boy never answered. On Tuesday, Victoria County Sheriff T Michael O'Connor said investigators are working to confirm if the boy possibly thought he was playing a game of hide and seek.

"There may have been some who had played games with him by having him go hide and they'd call him by his name or a nickname," Sheriff O'Connor explained. "This may have been one of the reasons why, because the game he played was to hide."

Also, when Johnson's body was found in the backyard in Victoria Monday morning, it was not the first time volunteer searchers or law enforcement investigators had looked there.

"I put the flashlight on each pen for about 15 seconds, and the father did too," neighbor Landon Smith said.

The sheriff says he personally searched the dog pens Monday morning and there was no body at that time. The boy's body was later found by the dog's owner.

Some other important notes from the sheriff -- so far investigators think the mauling may have been done by one dog, not multiple dogs. That dog remains in quarantine.

Also, there's no word on a time of death for the little boy just yet.

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