Mom: Boy, 6, dropped off alone at wrong school bus stop


That boy was dropped off Wednesday one and a half miles from his real bus stop, where his mother was waiting.

"I could not stop crying," recalled Seairra Franklin. "I couldn't."

Franklin waits for her son, Samarrion, to get off the bus at the corner, every afternoon at 3:00. But Wednesday, the bus never came.

"I waited until 3:30,' she said. "At 3:30 I left and I went to Peterson Elementary."

School officials told Franklin her son wasn't at school. So, where was he?

"I found out the bus driver had dropped my son off here," Franklin explained.

Little Samarrion was left alone at the intersection of Almeda and Tidewater -- a busy, four-lane road with heavy traffic, trains, 18-wheelers and a nearby fire station.

"We Googled the address because me nor the secretary knew where this location was," Franklin said.

By 4:05, an hour after he was dropped off, the frantic mother found her son at Fire Station 47. Two teenage girls and a teacher spotted Samarrion alone and watched after him until Franklin arrived.

She said, "I was so thankful that he was in the right hands and not the wrong hands."

Franklin says the school told her that her son's bus route had changed. But HISD never informed Peterson Elementary. Late Friday afternoon a spokesperson for HISD told Eyewitness News the child doesn't qualify for busing, because he lives within two miles of his school.

For now Franklin has decided to pick up and drop off Samarrion at school herself. She wants the bus driver fired.

"An apology is not it. An apology is just not it," she said. "I need more."

Franklin filed criminal complaint of child endangerment against the bus driver.

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