University president takes unusual approach to saving money


We've seen public universities go through steep budget cuts. Now one man at Prairie View A&M has found an unprecedented way to do more with less.

In a typical American history class at Prairie View A&M University, the facts don't change much. But what's special about one class is the man leading it.

Student Ashley Haley said, "I think it's a good experience to actually meet him and see what he's about and how he teaches."

Dr. George Wright isn't just any professor. He's the president of the university.

"I said let's lead by example," he said.

An educator at heart, Dr. Wright is back at the head of the classroom for the first time in nearly 20 years. He's teaching on top of his administrative duties.

"The most important part would be that I would be making a statement," Dr. Wright said. "The statement was that I wanted to do my part."

Dr. Wright isn't getting paid any extra to teach. In fact, he's saving the university $18,000 each semester. It's an effort his students applaud.

Student Mateo Ramirez said, "He listens to you, he asks you how you feel about stuff, and that is real important for a school."

Dr. Wright says his method may not work for everyone but with the help of two assistants, he is making it work for Prairie View A&M.

"What you have to do is the thing we do all the time, is just manage our time," he said.

Dr. Wright teaches every Tuesday and Thursday morning for about an hour and a half. This is his second semester teaching. Last fall he says he didn't miss a single class.

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