Police make two arrests in Girl Scout cookie money theft

March 9, 2012 9:02:42 PM PST
Fort Bend Sheriff's deputies say they have arrested two teens who they say stole money from a group of Girl Scouts outside a Walmart last weekend. The brazen robbery gained national attention.

Last weekend, the Girl Scouts selling cookies in front of Walmart told a hard-to-believe ordeal -- suspects drove up in a car and robbed them of their cookie money.

Girl Scout Iravia Cotton told Eyewitness News, "A guy jumped out and asked us what kind of cookies do you have, acting like he wanted to buy some. Then out of nowhere he just took the whole box of money that we had."

Thanks to the description from the Girl Scouts and surveillance video, the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office made a breakthrough, arresting two suspects, including 18-year-old Justin Rogers-Zenon, a student at Foster High School. The other suspect is a 16-year-old juvenile.

Fort Bend County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Craig Brady said, "It's very cowardly act to go pick on little girls out trying to sell cookies, but it's not very risky for them. At least, that's what their perception was.

Sheriff's investigators say the two suspects will face aggravated robbery charges for robbing the Girl Scouts. The saga of the stolen cookie money gained national attention.

"We got calls as far away from Hollywood, California, wanting to donate to the Girl Scout troop to replace their lost funds," said Chief Deputy Brady. "A number of people locally have also sent in money to compensate the Girl Scouts for their loss. I think it goes a long way to say what kind of a community we have."

As a result, the Girl Scouts have collected a lot more money than they originally lost. Grateful for their work, the Girl Scouts organization sent the sheriff's department a thank you note, and, of course, a batch of cookies.

As one scout explained on the day of the robbery, stealing from Girl Scouts is simply wrong.

"That's insane," said Rachel Johnson. "I never would have expected. I mean, who steals from a Girl Scout? I mean, seriously, that's the like worst thing ever."

The Girl Scout organization did not want to comment on camera, but they did issue a statement saying that they're grateful for what took place and thanking the sheriff's department for their work in nabbing the suspects.