Houston firefighter's wife accused of trying to hire hitman

March 8, 2012 7:38:09 AM PST
A firefighter's wife is in jail, accused of a plot to try to kill her husband.

Brittany Martinez, 24, spent her second of perhaps many nights in jail. She's being held without bond and is scheduled to make her first district court appearance Thursday morning.

According to court records, Martinez started soliciting a friend back in January to kill her husband, who is a Houston firefighter. She told that friend there were problems in their marriage.

On at least two occasions, she stopped by the Casa Ole restaurant on Highway 6 near Little York -- where that friend works as a manager -- to give him cash, her husband's work schedule, a photo of him, and a description of his car.

Records say Martinez had told her friend she wanted the killing done soon, before her husband realized she had withdrawn any more money from their bank account.

On Sunday, the friend came forward to authorities with, among other evidence, a recorded phone call between himself and Martinez.

Martinez was arrested on Tuesday on a charge of solicitation of capital murder. In all, she had given her friend $1,000 to do the job, but promised as much as $1,000 more when it was all done.