Berry kids speak out for first time since fatal crash

February 28, 2012 8:19:05 PM PST
Last year, the Berry family became known around the world because of tragedy. The three children were orphaned and seriously injured when their SUV crashed on the way home from vacation.

Now, for the first time, we're hearing from those children and it's obvious that with the help of a caring community, they are doing as well as can be.

Like any 10-year-old would, Peter Berry is having fun playing video games with his friends. Seven months after the accident, Peter explains what else makes him smile.

"My friends, they have funny jokes and I just laugh with my friends," he said.

And how is younger brother Aaron doing?

"Pretty good, I'm happy," Aaron said.

The story of the Berry family has been shared around the world, and this week, the community is reaching out again.

The boys and sister Willa survived the car crash last July that killed their parents, Josh and Robin Berry, in West Texas.

"They were so excited to be here tonight and to see their faces, and the fact they can even be that way, be excited about something is all to this community and we can be very proud of that," said Rabbi Brian Strauss with Congregation Beth Yeshurun.

Willa slowed down just for a minute to talk to us at Wildcat Golf Club.

"We're running up and down the hills over there," she said.

She is well aware of her brothers progress.

"They're doing good. Soon, Peter is going to start standing up, and Aaron, he's working on it," Willa said.

"And I do PT, which is building your upper body and becoming more independent," Peter said.

The three siblings now live with their aunt, uncle and cousins.

"It's fun. It's loud and it's different," Peter said.

"It's a big adjustment, we're taking it day by day. There are a lot of built-in challenges but we're figuring things out," said Matt Berry, the children's uncle and legal guardian.

And the boys are very focused on exactly what that is.

"To walk and just have fun, get sensation back in our legs sometime soon," Aaron said.

"The last couple of days, I've gotten in the grass and played with Willa and Noah and my cousins and I think I'm doing pretty well," Peter said.

The fundraiser continues Wednesday at Wildcat Golf Club with The Birdies for Berry's Golf Tournament. The goal is to raise $150,000 but they were about to surpass that already on Tuesday night.