Great Texas Warrant Round Up begins

A person stands handcuffed by law enforcement officials in this ABC13 image

February 25, 2012 5:28:34 PM PST
The suspects would not come to law enforcement, so law enforcement is coming for them.

If you've got a warrant out for your arrest and haven't bothered settling, it's pay day.

"These warrants are a year old, two years old. We're trying to take care of business," Harris County Precinct 1 Constable Kenneth Berry said. "We're going to help you take care of your business."

Help in the form of an arrest, he means, and it's all part of the Great Texas Warrant Round Up that started Saturday.

More than 260 law enforcement jurisdictions across Texas are rounding up people who are wanted for a variety of crimes, from felons to people who just forgot about a speeding ticket.

"We've given them enough notice. These people didn't come to court, traffic, you name it," Berry said.

We followed two Pct. 1 deputies as they spent Saturday morning hunting down people at home.

They have photos of who they're looking for and know how much money they owe.

They are just one of more than a dozen teams out in Pct. 1 alone.

"I have 14 units on the street," Berry said.

In all, deputies checked out more than 500 homes Saturday and arrested at least 30 people for everything from hot checks to traffic tickets.

It's a small dent in about 6,400 open misdemeanor warrants in Pct. 1.

Johnny Caldwell was one of them who was arrested Saturday.

"Just didn't have the funds to pay it," Caldwell said. "Times are tough. Just didn't have the funds."

Those who weren't home Saturday aren't off the hook. Deputies left information at their homes and they will have to clear their names or face an arrest soon.

During the roundup, authorities will be making personal visits to thousands of homes, businesses and possibly even schools. If you have an outstanding warrant and want to avoid an arrest, pay your fines at a Justice of the Peace court or reschedule a court date as soon as possible.

Last month, in the city of Houston, there were more than 300,000 active warrants on file. You can find out if you have an outstanding warrant by calling 3-1-1.