Fort Bend Co. puts neighbors on alert over swelling Brazos River but predicts minor flooding

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Thursday, May 9, 2024
Fort Bend Co. puts neighbors on alert over swelling Brazos River
A round of storms rolling into southeast Texas may have impacts on another body of water, the Brazos River, where Fort Bend County towns are on alert.

FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- On Wednesday, a flood warning was issued for parts of Fort Bend County near the Brazos River.

The National Weather Service noted two rounds of strong thunderstorms could impact southeast Texas on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Officials warned that some low-lying areas near the river could flood in the coming days, although they mentioned no severe threats now.

"It's a minor flood warning. It's the low-lying areas. We're not in an emergency state. We're in a watch-and-warning state, which means watch those rivers and the weather as it comes in," Greg Babst of Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management said.

The warning stretches through Richmond, Sugar Land, and Thompsons.

The Brazos River is expected to peak in Richmond over the weekend just under 45 feet, inches away from hitting the minor flood stage.

Some areas of the river will hit the minor flood stage.

"There potentially could be some low-lying areas and roads that could be impacted, but with the current forecast, it should be minor," Fort Bend County Assistant Chief Engineer Jeff Janecek said.

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