Domestic dispute turns into SWAT standoff in SW Houston

February 23, 2012 7:50:59 AM PST
Police say a southwest Houston man was angry his wife was about to divorce him, so he choked her and then holed up inside the couple's condo with his shotgun.

The man gave up just before 4am after refusing to come out of his home on Renwick near Braeburn for several hours. His wife was choked so severely that she nearly lost consciousness, but she eventually was able to run outside and call 911.

Her husband refused to follow commands from a SWAT team. That is, until officers smashed through a window.

"We set up some loudspeakers and that still didn't work. So we went to one other avenue and we ended up breaking one of windows into the complex and that is when he decided to come out. He was taken into custody without incident," said HPD spokesperson John Cannon.

The 41-year-old husband is being charged with felony assault of a family member.