Witnesses testify in re-sentencing trial of cop killer Carl Wayne Buntion

February 22, 2012 10:08:31 AM PST
Testimony resumed Wednesday morning in the re-sentencing trial of Carl Wayne Buntion. The convicted cop killer could get the death penalty or life with a chance of parole.

Buntion was convicted of capital murder back in 1991 for the shooting death of HPD Officer Jim Irby during a traffic stop the previous year. The retrial is focusing specifically on Buntion's sentence. The jury could send Buntion back to death row or give him a life sentence.

So far today, the prosecution has called witnesses from the day the murder happened. In one instance, the testimony of a deceased witness had to be read to the jury.

Another prosecution witness by the name of Ronnie McDonald took the stand. He testified he was walking at the time of the traffic stop and subsequent shooting and stated of Officer Irby during the traffic stop, "He (Officer Irby) was waving the passenger to get back in the car." McDonald also testified of the passenger, "He (Buntion) just pulled a gun and shot him (Officer Irby)."

The jury will hear new testimony during this re-sentencing trial about Buntion's mental health issues and his troubled childhood.

This trial could take three weeks.