Strong storms blow through southeast Texas

February 18, 2012 4:08:38 PM PST
Strong storms blew through southeast Texas early Saturday morning, leaving the Houston area drenched by rain with flooded roads and power outages.

The rain came and went quickly, but left its mark.

Some roads were so flooded that they were impassable by sunrise.

It was the perfect day to stay inside, but some drivers had to go out.

"It was really rough. Our car was blowing back and forth on the freeway and it's like flooding on the freeway also," driver Stephanie Fillmore said.

"A lot of SUVs can get through this but I have to drive half on the sidewalk and the street just momentarily so I can get through it," Bryce Viereck said.

For hours, the rain kept coming and the water kept rising, nearly creeping into Joe Bohacek's Conroe home.

"Oh, within about an inch," Bohacek said. "The fire department started pumping the water and pumped it out of my yard into the drainage ditch across the road."

Fire teams and the Houston police dive team shuttled through swollen bayous.

In Pasadena, a pickup truck was found submerged in a bayou with rising water.

Crews broke out the truck windows to anchor it and prevent it from being carried away. In the process, they determined a car seat to be inside.

Houston Police Department divers searched the truck for possible occupants and found no one.

Pasadena Fire Chief Lanny Armstrong says the white truck was apparently stuck in the mud before the rain. It then became submerged in the bayou near Genoa Red Bluff as the water rose.

The truck was pulled from the water and it was confirmed that no one was inside.

Several rural roads were reported closed in Grimes County. Rainfall in the area by early Saturday ranged from 1.5 to more than 3 inches.

The National Weather Service reported that sunny conditions were expected to return Sunday after some morning fog burns off. Clouds return Monday with a chance of rain on Tuesday. After that, expect clear skies and above-average temperatures.

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The Associated Press contributed to this story.